Coming Soon To Your Local Province . . . . .

Wendy's expanding in Philippines

Brand inks new deal as it begins aggressive overseas growth

Wendy’s/Arby’s Group Inc. said a longtime franchisee in the Philippines, Wenphil Corp., has agreed to build 44 more Wendy’s units in that nation over the next several years, bringing the total number of restaurants there to 75.

Wenphil has franchised Wendy’s in the Philippines since 1983, and the operator plans to expand for the first time beyond the capital city of Manila and surrounding areas by subfranchising.

“We’re delighted to renew our franchise relationship with Wendy’s, and we’re excited about the opportunity to further expand our business in the Philippine market through the innovative use of subfranchising,” Elizabeth Pardo-Orbeta, chairman of Wenphil, said in a statement Thursday.


Rollin' Hard - German Edition . . . . .



When King's Don't Get Their Way, They Typically Act Out . . . . .

LeBron James and Daniel Gibson had the stupidest argument ever

It's no secret that the people of Cleveland hate LeBron James(notes). When he did the Cavs dirty with last summer's Decision, he effectively cut all ties with the town. And in the wake of that move, Cleveland has looked for its next savior and lead athlete. No, Grady Sizemore and Peyton Hillis don't qualify. Sorry, dudes.

However, at least one Cavalier thinks he's up to the challenge. From Brian Windhorst on ESPN.com:

It began at a birthday party for [Daniel] Gibson and Cleveland-based DJ Steph Floss on Friday night. During the event, two witnesses told ESPN.com that Gibson made a reference to being the new king of Cleveland during a toast.

For some reason, this boast did not make LeBron happy.


And You Wonder Why You're Targeted By Theives . . . . .

Waka Flocka Flame -- Check Out My $100,000 Muppet


What A Way To Send The Ol' Place Out In Style . . . . .

Wooden’s Great-Grandson Scores Last UCLA Basket At Pauley

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The great-grandson of the late John Wooden scored UCLA’s final basket in the last men’s game to be played at historic Pauley Pavilion before it closes for renovation.

Tyler Trapani, a junior walk-on who seldom sees any playing time, made a layup from the left side after teammate Jack Haley Jr. airballed a 3-point attempt with 25 seconds left Saturday.

Trapani made the basket in front of several Wooden family members, including the coaching legend’s son Jim and daughter Nan.


Your Guess Is As Good As Mine About How This Will Help The DMV? . . . . .

Temporary Licenses To Be Extended To 90 Days

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Starting Monday, temporary driver’s licenses will be valid for 90 days, instead of 60.

The new measure is the result of a huge backlog the Department of Motor Vehicles is currently experiencing.


True, But It's Still A Huge Event . . . . .

Tweet of the Week I

"The NFL combine is 1 of the most overrated events n sports. When they get a drill that measures heart, I'll pay attention.''

--@chrisharrisnfl, Bears safety Chris Harris, who did not attend the combine before being drafted by Chicago in the sixth round in 2005.


2011 NFL Combine Interesting Fact #1 . . . . .

Factoid of the Week That May Interest Only Me I

The sisters of Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara, who will be a first-round draft choice in April: 1. Princess. 2. Precious. 3. Promise. 4. Peace. 5. Passionate.

According to the Arizona Republic, the parents of the six children, both Nigerian athletes at a high level, have a grandfather who was a King in the Imo State in Nigeria. The names pay tribute to the family's roots.


2011 NFL Combine Interesting Fact #2 . . . . .

Factoid of the Week That May Interest Only Me II

In 1944, the graduating class of Compton (Calif.) High included Pete Rozelle and Duke Snider, Hall of Famers in two different sports.

Snider, the great former Brooklyn Dodger, died Sunday.

According to longtime NFL PR man Joe Browne, Rozelle got his first job in the media business phoning in the scores of the Compton High baseball team to the Los Angeles Times, "playing up Snider's feats.'' That helped Rozelle land a stringer's job covering baseball in the Los Angeles area.

"Duke died today at 84,'' Browne said. "Pete would have been 85 this Tuesday.''


This Still Won't Make Me A Fan Of Their Food . . . . .

Taco Bell launches ad blitz to combat beefs about its beef

Taco Bell executives launched a counterattack by taking out full page ads in newspapers across the country featuring a headline that read, "Thank you for suing us" in big, bold letters. The idea behind those ads was that the suit gave the chain the opportunity to showcase the excellence of its product in a new public forum.

Well, that message didn't seem to take, to judge by an ambitious new advertising rollout that Yum Brands, Taco Bell's parent company, has produced to shore up the company's reputation.

The new multimillion ad campaign begins this week, according to the Associated Press. The campaign features actual Taco Bell employees talking about the meat the company uses and directs viewers to the company's website for more detailed information. (The ads will also promote a deal for an 88-cent Crunchwrap Supreme.) The employees also tout Taco Bell's "signature recipe" of herbs and spices--a message that echoes the homespun pitches of Kentucky Fried Chicken, while not-so-subtly encouraging viewers to think that the company wouldn't lavish this sort of culinary attention on fare made up of meat-filler byproducts.


An Epic Clippers Fail . . . . .

The Clippers celebrate Black History Month in the wrong month


Not All Jocks Are Stupid . . . . .

Greg McElroy almost aced the Wonderlic. Is he too smart for the NFL?

Alongside the many absurd feats of size, strength and speed on display at the NFL's combine for incoming draft picks, there are also the annual efforts to bore as deeply as possible into the players' skulls. Is this guy smart? Is he a flake? Is he a potential "cancer" in the locker room? Is he really committed to sacrificing his body to the sport? The informal method of sniffing out a potential head case involves face-to-face interviews and the sort of ephemeral buzz that dogged this year's resident "character risk," Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett, throughout the weekend in Indianapolis. The formal method is the Wonderlic test.

Usually, leaked Wonderlic scores are embarrassingly low. Not so, however, for Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy, who nearly aced the test, scoring a 48 out of a possible 50 according to his hometown Fort Worth Star-Telegram. That score puts him on the high, high end of potential employees in any field, and especially among NFL quarterbacks. A 48 is twice the league average for incoming QBs, and matches the highest score for a quarterback on record, belonging to current Buffalo Bills starter Ryan Fitzpatrick, a Harvard grad. (Here is the most complete database of Wonderlic scores by quarterbacks through 2006. Only one other starter last year, the 49ers' Alex Smith, managed a 40 on the test; only one NFL player, former Bengals punter Pat McInally – another Harvard grad – is believed to have scored a perfect 50.)

By that standard, McElroy is one of the smartest quarterbacks in league history – no surprise, considering he was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship last fall and has always been praised more for his poise and decision-making than his arm or athleticism. (He didn't throw or work out in Indy because of a hand injury he suffered in the Senior Bowl.)