Rollin' Hard - Japanese Edition . . . . .

1993 Toyota Supra 4509 GTR by Veilside 


What They Are Really Trying To Say - Cosmo Edition . . . . .


Rollin' Hard - Japanese Edition . . . . .


Some Insight Into Why Japanese People Love To Fish So Much . . . . .

Behind The Scenes Of ‘The Manzanar Fishing Club’

The documentary began as a lecture, walking tour and artifacts exhibit to raise awareness of the internees who slipped away under the cover of night to find freedom and adventure matching wits with the prized trout of the Sierra Nevada’s high-altitude lakes and streams.

His script brought together what Shiozaki had intuitively known all along — that all of the fishermen’s stories touched, in one way or another, on a yearning to be free.


There Must Have Been Nothing Else To Watch . . . . .

Pro Bowl earns best television rating since 2000

HONOLULU (AP) -- As bad as the Pro Bowl was by football standards, the NFL must consider its return to Hawaii a success.

Commissioner Roger Goodell's decision to stage arguably the most irrelevant of all-star contests a week in advance of the Super Bowl, rather than after it, is paying off, if TV ratings are any indication. Although the attrition rate among viewers had to be significant after the NFC blew open a six-touchdown lead in a 55-41 victory over the AFC on Sunday.

Ratings for the game were the highest in 11 years, and the players involved were repeatedly thankful that the Pro Bowl was back in Hawaii after a one-year stint in Florida.

"Everybody loves it here," the game's MVP DeAngelo Hall said. "Miami or any other is not just the same."

For NFL junkies, even half-speed football helps fill the two-week void between the conference championships and the Super Bowl.


The Unobtainable Trifecta . . . . .


Now These Are Some Awesome Meals . . . . .

20 Most Deadly High Cholesterol Foods

8. Heart Attack Scrambler Breakfast

Packed with enough calories to last two days, The Scrambler might actually make your heart explode. At first blush the plate is simply eggs, potatoes, cheese, gravy and bacon. But when you consider that you’re eating 3 ounces of said ingredients you start to see why it might not be your healthiest meal ever. Just head to Mickie’s in Madison, WI if you’re keen to cutting a few years of your life span.

Complete list here (HighCholesterolFoodsBlog)

Rollin' Hard - German Edition . . . . .



Would You Tat Your Junk For A New Car? . . . . .

Man tattooes 'Mini' on his penis to win free Cooper

Think about the craziest thing you would do to win a free car. Andreas Muller of Germany has you beat. Muller really – really – wanted to win the Mini Cooper being given away by his local radio station, and in order to do so, he had the word "MINI" tattoed on his mini, err... penis.

Organizers of the stunt received a long list of crazy ideas, yet Muller's stood out for the sheer ballsiness (pun intended). His screams of pain were broadcast over the air as the tattoo was applied to his now-sponsored manhood.

There's plenty that we'd do to win a free Mini, but this one reaches far beyond the realm of consideration.


Why I Think Outside The Box & Avoid "The Bell" . . . . .

Taco Bell takes its beef with lawsuit to public

Taco Bell says a legal beef over the meat in its tacos is bull.

The fast-food chain took out full-page ads in at least nine major newspapers and launched a YouTube campaign featuring its president Friday to proclaim its taco filling is 88 percent beef.

A false-advertising lawsuit filed last week that caused an online stir alleges the company's filling doesn't have enough beef to be called that. The lawsuit seeks to make the company stop calling it "beef," and pay the suing law firm's bill.

Taco Bell trumpeted "Thank you for suing us. Here's the truth about our seasoned beef," in the ads in Friday's editions of the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and other papers.