Rollin' Hard - Japanese Edition . . . . .

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Too Bad For Him, Very Good For The Rest Of Us . . . . .

Button splits with Japanese model girlfriend

British daily tabloid The Sun said the 30-year-old decided to call time on their 18-month relationship shortly after the recent Monaco grand prix.

Japanese fashion model Michibata, 25, lives in Tokyo, and a friend of Monaco-domiciled Button is quoted as saying the "logistics" of the relationship "took their toll".

"Just over a week ago Jenson reluctantly decided that his racing must be his main priority," the source added.

A spokesman for Button confirmed: "Jenson is single again. He and Jessica have gone their separate ways."


Today's Automotive History Lesson - Ferrari Edition . . . . .

60 Years Of Ferrari Evolution


An Interesting Spin On A Popular Comfort Food . . . . .

Komforte Chockolates

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Veilside Never Ceases To Amaze . . . . .

Veilside Premier 4509 Limited

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What Men Would Like Women To Do To Them . . . . .


Is He Lying To You (?) . . . . .

Secret Signals Men Give When They Lie

1) He looks up and to the left

The next time you ask him a sticky question or he wants to explain himself to you, note which way he looks. If his eyes move up to the right, he’s recalling information from his memory. If he looks up and to the left, there’s a good chance that he’s inventing the answer.

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This News Will Not Stop Me From Eating These . . . . .

The Worst Chips and Dips

Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream (~11 chips, 28 g)
160 calories
11 g fat (1.5 g saturated)
230 mg sodium

Ruffles are cut thick and crinkled, which means more fried potato is stuffed into each bite. Think of it this way: If you stretched out the crinkles, you’d have a massive hunk of fried potato. If you want a flavored crisp, go for anything from the Baked! Lays line, which has about 10 fewer calories per serving than almost any other brand of baked chips.

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Another Awesome Use Of Bacon For Those With A Sweet Tooth . . . . .

Bacon Cupcake - Feast Your Eyes

Pancakes and bacon are a classic breakfast combo, so why not cupcakes with bacon for the same salty sweet rush in a dessert? Blogger Garrett at vanillagarlic puts the pork (complete with a little rendered bacon fat) and maple syrup into a buttery cupcake, and tops it with an ultra-sweet frosting made with maple syrup, turbinado sugar, powdered sugar and, for balance (which, I suppose, is balance on some sugar-addled planet), some sea salt. But this is dessert, people, so for today, abandon the guilt and enjoy something over the top. (We featured this cupcake in 2007, when it was introduced, but liked it so much we're bringing it back for an encore.)


What Your Cards Say About You . . . . .

Your Career is In the Cards (of Destiny)


Hearts live through emotions and relationships. These are the children of the deck, often maintaining a youthful exuberance even into later years. The positive heart is friendly and affectionate; the negative heart is self-indulgent or flirtatious. Hearts excel in people-oriented careers. They make good nurses, teachers, and counselors, as well as artists and musicians.

Clubs are creative and experience life through talking and learning. As the students of the deck, Clubs are curious, always thinking, and love to talk, read and teach. The positive club is brilliant and well-informed; the negative club can be a dishonest know-it all. Great careers for Clubs include teaching, writing, law and journalism.

Diamonds are on the planet to clarify values. Diamonds like to spend money and like nice things. As the adults of the deck, Diamonds can't stand being told what to do. Diamonds on a positive path are generous and philanthropic. The negative-minded diamond can be greedy or miserly. Careers for the diamond person include banking, investing, politics, retail or merchandising, producing and big-business.

Spades are confident, strong-willed and wise. Even when they are young, Spades will often act more mature than their age. These are the workers of the deck. Spades are more interested in doing their jobs well than talking about them or becoming too emotionally involved with others. Spades can be stubborn and don't like it when others try to control them. Spades find satisfaction in careers in construction (building), broadcasting and health care. And, as the symbol of 'transformation,' Spades can also be successful in industries that deal with death or dying, and mysticism.


The 'odd' (active) numbers represent a person who is restless, on the go, and thrives on change.

The 'even' (receptive) numbers are balanced and logical, attracting things and people to them.

Ace (One) is ambitious, active and driven. You are a self-starter who is excited to experience all that life has to offer. As a 'one,' you may sometimes appear self-centered.

Two is sensitive, logical and comfortable in partnerships because you enjoy having someone to talk to, or bounce ideas off of. Avoid being insincere or becoming too dependent on the opinions of others.

Three is curious, restless and enjoys trying new things. You are extremely creative, so channel your gifts in a positive way to avoid worry and indecision.

Four is fortunate, organized and efficient. You are a hard-worker and good at bringing people and plans together. Avoid stubbornness or being small-minded.

Five is adventurous, restless, and hates routine or anything that limits your freedom. As a 'people person,' you are comfortable around all kinds of personalities. Learn to commit.

Six is easygoing, peaceful, and fair. You prefer to avoid confrontation, but won't hesitate to stand up for what you believe in. Avoid stubbornness or falling into a rut.

Seven is the most mystical of all numbers. You have a mental sharpness that, when combined with your intuition (hunches), will serve you well. Have faith that you are being guided. Avoid being indifferent or skeptical.

Eight is the number of power and abundance. You enjoy attention and have special talents in the area of your suit (hearts – charm; clubs – knowledge; diamonds – leadership; spades – wisdom). Avoid power struggles.

Nine is intelligent and happiest when you give and are willing to let go. Beware of being too overbearing, stingy or bullying.

Ten is ambitious, capable and confident. You like to do things in a big way and may be obsessive or take on too much responsibility.

The 'faces' are natural leaders who need to be respected. Even the Jacks, who may be less mature and serious than the king and queen, need their talents to be recognized.

Jack is clever and playful. This youngest member of the royal family is creative and charming. There may be a tendency to stretch the truth or avoid responsibility.

Queen expresses power and leadership with compassion. Just as powerful as a king, you enjoy pleasing and taking care of others. Beware of being too demanding.

King is a natural leader. Authoritative, powerful, and wise, you prefer to do things your own way. Use caution when it comes to being too pushy or dismissive of others.

Joker is the wild card! A sneaky trickster who can take on the personality of any card in the deck, but most often acts like a jack. December 31 is the only day of the year that's linked to the Joker. People born on this day can not be read using this system.