Useless Info - Car Detailing Edition . . . . .

10 things you must know about detailing your car

3. Designate one bucket and mitt for painted areas only, and keep another wash mitt in a separate bucket for the wheels. Dirty wheels often contain brake dust, which can scratch paint

6. On paint always use microfiber towels (not sponges), which are ideal for both washing and drying because of their ability to pick up and release dirt. "Microfiber has replaced the traditional chamois leather," Kosilla says. He uses a heavy 300- to 400-gsm (gram-per-square-meter) cloth, which is gentler on paint.

8. For waxing, apply a light-mist spray wax or a hydrophobic drying agent to the wet painted surfaces and wipe dry with a damp towel. "The microfiber towel will pick up any remaining dirt that was missed during the wash and apply a thin layer of protection during the drying process."

10. Use the vacuum's attachments to clean every gap, crevice, and air vent in your car's interior. Now, get cleaning!

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A Gallery Of Jessica's Photos . . . . .

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You Can't Go Wrong Eating At These Places . . . . .

10 Great Restaurants to Try Near The Disneyland Resort

Tulsa Rib Company (Orange)

Ah, Tulsa Rib Company, you old Orange County stalwart. I could say so many things about you. You were the first time I had real American barbecue. You were also one of the first write ups I did for this lovely rag.

Alright Disnerds, if you want barbecue and you don't feel like waiting at Big Thunder, head on over to Tulsa Rib Company. Get the Ribs (hurr durr), but make sure you get the Tulsa potatoes -- they're beautiful medallions of scalloped potatoes, lovingly fried and tossed in herb butter.

They're one of the best potato dishes you can eat in Orange County.

Oh, and everything else is pretty good too.

Cham Sut Gol (Garden Grove)

Cham Sut Gol in Garden Grove is about as far as I can get from Disneyland while still being able to make an argument that it's kind of near Disneyland (15 minutes isn't that bad, guys, come on).

Okay, it's kind of a drive, but visiting the area without having Korean food is criminal. Cham Sut Gol is, as always, the best place to introduce people to Korean barbecue. There, you'll find good solid basics, brisket, bulgolgi, and other standard meats without the tongue and offal that can turn off the less adventurous eaters.

If people need convincing, make sure to mention the unlimited ice cream. And then show up during happy hour for a nice little discount and smaller crowds (careful, waits here can beat waits at Disneyland on Friday and Saturday nights).

Oh, and make sure to get the sesame oil.

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