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Five reasons to love, or hate, the culture of American cars

The V8 engine

Nobody is going to argue that America has sole ownership of the V8 engine, as many a German marque and several Japanese and Italian brands have built some totally epic V8 engines that we know and love. That said, only in the United States has the V8 become absolutely synonymous with the automobile. We give them catchy names, like Flathead, Hemi, Rocket, Rat and Mouse; pop stars sing songs about them and everyone at the local car show sings along; we showcase what's underhood with scoops and emblems that proudly display displacement, power levels and high-end option packages.

And, of course, we argue for hours on end over which one is the best.

As the American automotive landscape has and will continue to attest, American consumers love big, rumbling, powerful V8 engines, and for every new requirement our political leaders invent, a matching new technology will be created to keep our V8 engines loping smoothly along.

Historical Significance

Let's start with with Ford Model T. It wasn't the first automobile – it wasn't even Ford's first automobile – but it stands as a landmark machine for a number of reasons. It was mass produced on a newfangled invention called the assembly line, it was priced so that regular people could afford one, and it was designed to be relatively easy and inexpensive to repair. Of course, only a few decades after the Model T was introduced, it became the basis for some of America's very first hot rods.

Cadillac was, for many years, hailed as The Standard Of The World and brands as varied as Packard and Imperial occupied space that wasn't all that far down the ladder. And how could we fail to mention Jeep, a brand of vehicles that was launched out of military necessity but became beloved for its contribution to fun-loving Americans with a penchant for looking off-the-beaten-path? It's probably known to more people around the world than any other automobile today.

Entire segments have arguably been created and popularized in the United States, from the so-called personal coupe to the sport utility vehicle and, as previously mentioned, hot rods and muscle cars. More recently, a completely new generation has embraced a whole new type of automobile, one that most definitely does not have a tried-and-true V8 engine underhood. In fact, it has no gasoline or diesel-burning engine whatsoever...

Compete list here (AutoBlog)

That's An Impressive Order . . . . .

Man orders $20M-worth of Rolls-Royce Phantoms

The term "luxury" gets thrown around a lot when speaking about vehicles that are actually somewhat affordable like BMWs and Cadillacs, but Rolls-Royce and hotel magnate Stephen Hung (above in the wild suit) are proving what real opulence really is with the largest single order from the fabled British marque, ever. Hung is purchasing 30 custom examples of the Phantom Extended Wheelbase (pictured right) for $20 million. To push the deal even further over the top, two of the Phantoms are the most expensive examples ever commissioned.

This assemblage of ├╝ber-luxury sedans isn't for Hung's personal collection. Instead, the cars are going to be part of the fleet for the swanky hotel and casino that he's opening in Macau, China, in 2016 called the Louis XIII. According to The Washington Post, when the 200-room resort opens, the Louis XIII is supposed to be one of the most mind-blowing places in the world, including a suite that costs $100,000 a night.

When completed, the 30 cars will be in matching crimson red to echo the exterior of the hotel. That color will be carried into the interior trim, as well, including the gauges, and the seats will have a checker board pattern. Each one will be outfitted with a bespoke clock from Graff Luxury Watches. The two most expensive Phantoms will get all of this attention, plus gold-plated trim covering the interior and exterior.


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